2021 KTA Calendar of Events

January 5th     KY General Assembly Begins
Feb. 21-24       NTCA RTIME
March 30th      KY General Assembly Adjourns
April 11-13       NTCA Legislative + Policy Conference
April/TBD         KTA Spring Managers Meeting
May 26-28       KTA Annual Meeting (Marriott Griffin Gate, Lexington, KY)
July 10-14       Southern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting (Nashville, TN)
July 28-30       American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Meeting (Salt Lake City, UT)
Aug. 2-5          NCSL Legislative Summit (Chicago, IL)
Aug. 17-19      KTA Summer Managers Meeting (Jamestown Resort & Marina, Jamestown, KY)
Sept. 19-22     NTCA Fall Conference (Nashville, TN)
Oct. 12-14       KTA/TNBA Fall Conference & Supplier Showcase (Bowling Green, KY)
Nov. 8-10         National Council of State Telecom Association Executives Annual Meeting (Louisville, KY)


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