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About KTA

The Kentucky Telecom Association was established in 1937 as a non-profit organization to promote and support the general interests and welfare of the telecommunications industry in the Commonwealth. This is still our goal.

The industry has undergone enormous changes and growth since KTA was established. Advancements in technology, including the growth of computer applications and fiber cable, expanding service areas, increasingly complex regulatory requirements and competitive services has fueled many of these changes. Throughout this time, KTA has served the industry by fostering communication and cooperation among its member companies to improve their services and products.

In 2011, we changed our name from the Kentucky Telephone Association and adopted a new logo to recognize our members offer more than wireline telephone service and the many changes in our industry in the recent past – and still to come.

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KTA Executive Director Tyler Campbell testified in Frankfort this week about KTA’s ongoing concerns with OpenFiberKY (Accelecom) using its role as the wholesale provider for the state-owned KentuckyWired network to compete against Kentucky’s rural broadband providers in areas where our community-based providers have already deployed fiber-to-the-premise networks.

OpenFiberKY should concentrate its efforts to provide broadband service in areas deemed “unserved” or “underserved” in the Commonwealth and not use their network to cherry-pick the large commercial and industrial customers in rural areas already served by our member companies. KTA appreciates the discussion by the members of the Interim Joint Committee on Tourism, Small Business and Information Technology.


The Kentucky Telecom Association supports Kentucky’s rural broadband providers through advocacy, member education and training, and community engagement as they deploy enhanced broadband networks throughout the commonwealth to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities available to rural Kentuckians.


KTA values its role as an industry leader and our association – more than 80 years old - will continue to fulfill its mission by providing its member companies services and information that is:

  • Credible
  • Efficient
  • Transparent
  • Innovative


Take advantage of the meetings with other industry professionals, and enjoy the programs and benefits of being a member of the Kentucky Telecom Association.