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About KTA

The Kentucky Telecom Association was established in 1937 as a non-profit organization to promote and support the general interests and welfare of the telecommunications industry in the Commonwealth. This is still our goal.

The industry has undergone enormous changes and growth since KTA was established. Advancements in technology, including the growth of computer applications and fiber cable, expanding service areas, increasingly complex regulatory requirements and competitive services has fueled many of these changes. Throughout this time, KTA has served the industry by fostering communication and cooperation among its member companies to improve their services and products.

In 2011, we changed our name from the Kentucky Telephone Association and adopted a new logo to recognize our members offer more than wireline telephone service and the many changes in our industry in the recent past – and still to come.

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WK&T Establishes Tornado Disaster Relief Fund

Thank you to the many individuals, companies and KTA members that have reached out over the last few days following last weekend's devastating tornadoes in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The loss of life and the devastation impacting South Central and Western Kentucky is heartbreaking for our state.WK&T's service territory took a direct hit from the tornadoes in Western Kentucky. Thankfully, the employees of WK&T are okay and WK&T continues to work to restore service in those communities that were impacted by the tornadoes. Unfortunately, as we approach the holidays, many people in Western Kentucky, including those in WK&T's service territory were not as fortunate.

WK&T has worked to establish a tornado relief fund that will accept donations with 100% of the funds going to provide aid to the families impacted by the tornado in Western Kentucky and Northwest Tennessee. Funds that come in after Christmas will be used to meet any other needs of these families.

Please be advised when making a donation that the fund and WK&T are not established as a 501(c)3, so donations will not be tax deductible. If you are looking for a tax deductible fund, there are many other relief efforts set up for Kentucky and Tennessee. KTA will be happy to direct you to those funds.

If you have already donated to one of these disaster relief funds, thank you! However, KTA would like to make you aware of this fund specifically set up by WK&T to assist families in their cooperative and service territories.

Checks can be mailed to WK&T at 100 WK&T Technology Drive, Mayfield, KY 42066. Please include a note that it’s for the WK&T Tornado Disaster Relief Fund.

A link for credit card payments is in the process of being created. This payment type will incur transactions fees. If you should want to make a donation by this method, please contact Davida Bridges at WK&T and she will get the information to you as soon as it is available. ACH routing and wiring information is also available. Feel free to contact Davida at WK&T or KTA Executive Director Tyler Campbell for more information.
Any contribution to the families in these areas would be greatly appreciated. Your continued prayers for the affected communities are also certainly appreciated. Please feel free to contact the KTA Office at 502.699.2206 or via email if you have any questions about this disaster relief fund or one of the other tornado disaster relief funds being utilized to offer assistance to families in Western Kentucky.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passage Means Significant Broadband Invesment

The signing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law last week by President Biden highlights a very busy end to the 2021 calendar for the broadband industry. The past 20 months of the Covid-19 pandemic have demonstrated the necessity of broadband connectivity for education, health care and remote work in the global economy.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill reflects a once in a lifetime investment in our nation's infrastructure, including a historic $65 billion investment in broadband networks - of which, more than $42 billion will go directly to the states. At least $100 million is guaranteed to go to every state in the country.

New federal broadband infrastructure dollars allocated through the bipartisan infrastructure package will flow through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). However, new federal broadband dollars will not be distributed to the states until the FCC finishes its mapping efforts in order to assist states in prioritizing unserved and underserved areas of need.

During this process it will be important for KTA and our state's rural broadband providers to educate and inform our state leaders about the process through which the federal broadband dollars will flow to the states. It is imperative that Kentucky gets this process right in order to close our Commonwealth's "Digital Divide." KTA looks forward to working with the Governor's Office and the Kentucky General Assembly as these federal infrastructure dollars are distributed to the states over the next couple of years.


Kentucky Broadband Grant Applications Enter Challenge Process Phase

Applications for the first round of funding for Kentucky's newly established broadband deployment fund were due at the end of October. Now, the broadband grant program has entered the challenge process phase as broadband providers have until December 6th to challenge a proposed broadband application in areas already served.

The $50 million set aside for the first round of funding in Kentucky's broadband grant program will focus on areas lacking 10 mg downstream/1 mg upstream service. This money was allocated from the American Rescue Plan Act and designated to the broadband deployment fund last session by the Kentucky General Assembly through the passage of 
HB 320.

Another $200 million of federal ARPA money has been dedicated to the broadband deployment fund to target "underserved" areas defined as lacking 25/3 service. It is unknown when the next grant cycle will begin for this next round of funding. However, the awards for the first round of funding will likely be made at the beginning of next year, with a target date of distributing the funds no later than April 1, 2022. Therefore, it is likely any future rounds of funding for the broadband grant program will begin next summer.


The Kentucky Telecom Association supports Kentucky’s rural broadband providers through advocacy, member education and training, and community engagement as they deploy enhanced broadband networks throughout the commonwealth to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities available to rural Kentuckians.


KTA values its role as an industry leader and our association – more than 80 years old - will continue to fulfill its mission by providing its member companies services and information that is:

  • Credible
  • Efficient
  • Transparent
  • Innovative


Take advantage of the meetings with other industry professionals, and enjoy the programs and benefits of being a member of the Kentucky Telecom Association.